#Shoutout from technologirly

🇮🇹Intervista a @frafacchinetti su @stonex_one , Stonex Cam, piattaforma per i giovani e molto altro.. Da leggere tutto d’un fiato su http://www.technologirly.com/2015/10/31/francesco-facchinetti-su-stonex-one/
🇺🇸we’re traslating the interview we made to a famous italian show man, radio speaker, singer, Owner of a web talent agency Francesco Facchinetti that is approaching the world of smartphones and action cams with an unusual slogan: “top devices with the right price #breaktherules ” breaking the rules of the normal way of thinking about technology sometimes not accessible to all people because of the extremely high price. He explained his projects in details and his relationship with #stonex #davideErba #stonexone and all the rest in a super long blog post.. Are you ready?!?
#seriea #topdigamma #giustoprezzo #francescofacchinetti #facchinetti #capitanouncino #djfrancesco #kisskiss #radio @wilmahelenafacchinetti #milano #marianocomense @eugeniosc8

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